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Aperto da BrunoB, 9 Novembre 2014, 13:02:40

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CitazioneDiXidiasoft invites you into the Victorian age to retrieve Nikola Tesla's stolen invention!!

The Steampunk League is a 3D isometric action platformer set in an alternative Victorian Age, revolving around the story of Nikola Tesla and his eternal rival Thomas Edison.

In this universe, Tesla managed to get rich thanks to his inventions, leaving Edison on the edge of bankruptancy.

When the entrepreneur steals Tesla's secret invention, he has to retrieve it together with his comrades: H.P. Lovecraft, E. A. Poe and Ada Lovelace.

The whole story takes place in four epic cityscapes of the Victorian Age.

CitazioneYou can play up to four different characters, everyone with his own peculiar abilities. Decide who to use in order to face the levels, choose from four of the most famous historical characters, fight in the shoes of the inventor Nikola Tesla, or choose to use the dark magic of the writer Edgar Allan Poe, fight hand to hand with the detective Howard Phillips Lovecraft occult or use the little robots of the scientist Ada Lovelace.