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Started by BrunoB, 11 November 2014, 15:04:21

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Grazie Reddit:


Game Spot - 9/10

"Inquisition's characters and world, on the other hand, recall the grand gestures of the original Dragon Age, even though the game as a whole is so structurally different to its predecessors. It offers the thrill of discovery and the passion of camaraderie. It features a glee club called The Sing-Quisition, and a dwarf with writer's block. It establishes connections with its world in big ways and small, with the sight of a titanous temple and the smirk of an Orlesian commander in love. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a wonderful game and a lengthy pilgrimage to a magical world with vital thematic ties to one we already know."

Game Informer - 9.5/10

"After two disparate entries with different philosophies, Dragon Age's identity crisis is over. With a mixture of open-world exploration, entertaining combat, and top-tier characters, the team at BioWare has found a winning formula that isn't shackled to either Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II. Inquisition is not defined by the traditions it returns to, but by the new directions it forges for this magnificent fantasy universe."

IGN - 8.8/10

"When I'd finally slain my first dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I felt a little sad at the thought that I was probably beginning to exhaust its seemingly endless stream of content. But then I saw the quest ticker: "Dragons Slayed - 1 out of 10." In all my hours, I had only ever seen three. It's a surprisingly huge, dense world, and I soon realized there were still entire sandboxes I hadn't even set foot in. Even in my hundredth hour, I'm still discovering. Despite its less than compelling plot, I still want to go back to explore and fight through every nook and cranny of Dragon Age: Inquisition, until every dragon's skull is mounted on my wall. "

Polygon - 9.5/10

"    Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the biggest games I've ever played, and I still want more. This is the astounding scope I referred to above. It's no longer as simple as how your choices affect your small band of adventurers — though that can vary quite a lot as well. Dragon Age: Inquisition puts the fate of the world in your hands in a way that few role-playing games have done before. And even after another 80 hours devoted to it, it's a world I cannot wait to return to in whatever BioWare does next. I don't know what higher praise I could give."

Time 4.5/5

"Dragon Age: Inquisition didn't work for me at first, but then I realized I'd been playing it too much like Dragon Age II, mashing through battles and racing between to-dos and ignoring the filler because why would Bioware know anything about riveting world design? Then I slowed down, and in slowing down discovered how wrong I'd been–how much more the design team managed to fill this iteration with. Sometimes gaming's as much about the caught-you-off-guard zen moments as the lunatic action ones, and sometimes the workmanship's enough."

PlayStation Lifestyle - 9/10

"Despite the small issues with the horses and the lack of items players can buy from merchants, I can still safely say that Dragon Age: Inquisition is the best console RPG I have ever played. The beautiful graphics grabbed me, the detailed characters reeled me in, and the open areas and numerous quests made me fall in love with the game. Overall, I spent around 55 hours on the game, and while I only recently finished the main story line, I still have many more side quests that I can play. If you're an RPG fan,you  owe it to yourself to play Inquisition, and somehow, I don't think you'll regret it."

Joystiq - 5/5

"Dragon Age: Inquisition is BioWare's reaffirmation of what it's capable of delivering. It's a gorgeous game on an epic scale. Rich in character and story, it creates a fantasy world with plausible social rules you can get lost in. It makes you feel that you aren't just exploring a new world, but helping shape it at various levels of society. Inquisition sets the bar for what a blockbuster RPG should be."

Crave Online - 8.5/10

"Dragon Age: Inquisition's beautiful world isn't just a theme park looking to entertain with pre-built rides, it makes you feel like a part of the equation with major choices to be made, and often.  Its combat system is a great mixture of its two predecessors, offering means to play in both action and strategy modes. Although, CPU controlled characters don't exercise good judgement, making strategic play the better choice in most scenarios. There are also some low points in the narrative path which may hinder some from completing the lengthy journey, but it delivers interesting quests often enough to keep the ride going."

MMORPG - 8.6/10

"There is no way within the scope of this review to cover everything that Dragon Age Inquisition is in terms of story, game play, visuals, combat, companions, romances, and everything else that makes up what can only be described as Bioware's return to glory and as the preeminent force in the RPG genre. Dragon Age Inquisition is a must play for anyone who calls themselves a fan of role playing games."

PC Gamer - 87/100

"There's even co-op multiplayer, in the style of Mass Effect 3's horde mode. As I write this, the servers are empty, and so I've been unable to test it. Whatever its quality, it doesn't affect a singleplayer campaign that, all things considered, is a resounding success. How much you enjoy Inquisition will likely depend on what it is you enjoy about RPGs. If you want complex systems and hardcore challenge, it could potentially disappoint. I don't. I want a rich world, interesting characters, and a dramatic and memorable plot. Judged on those criteria, Dragon Age: Inquisition sits happily alongside BioWare's best."

Eurogamer - 8/10

"Its not-so-fatal flaw is that in offering so much, both in terms of player choice and in going for peak-BioWare in every aspect of the game, those individual moments, characters, activities and plot beats often don't benefit from the focus and importance needed to unlock their full potential. Still, that's hardly a crime, and one more than made up for by the many high points that I can't name directly for fear of spoilers, the hours and hours both adventuring in Thedas as it was always meant to be, and sitting at the highest levels of its politics. The true power of the Inquisition may be illusory, but that doesn't stop it being satisfying to wield while it lasts."

Gaming Trend - 95/100

"Dragon Age Inquisition has raised the bar for storytelling. It's the sort of game you think you have figured out after a few hours, but time and time again it'll surprise you. With a rebuilt combat system, an open and inviting world, 150 hours of content, and a warm and familiar storytelling system, Dragon Age Inquisition is the best RPG I've played in a decade."

*More reviews will be added as they show up.




Electronic Arts ha annunciato che non pubblicherà Dragon Age: Inquisition in India, Bangladesh e Pakistan a causa della presenza di un personaggio gay tra i protagonisti. Tutti i pre-order saranno rimborsati.

QuoteA statement said: "In order to avoid a breach of local content laws, EA has withdrawn Dragon Age: Inquisition from sale in India and the game is no longer available for pre-order.

"All affected purchases for Dragon Age: Inquisition will be refunded. This applies regardless of payment method or date of purchase.

"Customers who pre-ordered the game will be contacted directly and will be fully refunded."

The game distributor's site says: "Rather than face the wrath of some of India's more prudish segments of society, EA have pre-emptively decided to make the game unavailable in India, without confirming or commenting on which local laws were being breached."




Un tizio su Reddit avrebbe sgamato che in una comparativa video tra versione PC, PS4 e Xbox One di Dragon Age: Inquisition, IGN avrebbe mostrato la versione PC impostata a low.

In questa immagine potete vedere a sinistra uno screen della versione PC mostrata nel video di IGN, mentre a destra la versione PC a settaggi ultra:

Ovviamente è partito lo shitstorm, e a fomentare i complottisti poco dopo il video di IGN è stato reso privato.

A un certo punto è intervenuto nella discussione Dan Stapleton, editor di IGN, che ha spiegato che in qualche modo si sono confusi i video di una delle due versioni console con quelli della versione PC, e per sbaglio quindi nel video sono state mostrate delle immagini provenienti da console come fossero invece di quella PC.

Il poster originale su Reddit però insiste dicendo che secondo lui non poteva essere una versione console, in quanto il FOV delle  (presunte, a questo punto) immagini della versione PC era comunque maggiore di quello usato su console.

Io propendo per l'ipotesi complottista, anche se poi pure 'sticazzi...



I video comparativi sono il male, fatti apposta per attirare click e alimentare la console war.
I siti amano la console war, perché genera decine e decine di commenti e spinge gli stronzi a tornare continuamente sul sito per commentare, rispondere e alimentare i flame.



Adesso pare sia stata colpa di YouTube:


Yesterday, some Reddit users alerted us to the fact that our Dragon Age: Inquisition graphics comparison video, which was intended to showcase the difference in graphical quality between the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions, apparently used low-quality settings for the PC version. As soon as we spotted this and saw what it looked like, we immediately acknowledged that something was wrong and pulled the video to avoid further misinforming gamers. That's something we take very seriously, and we apologize to anyone who felt misled by the video.

This all went down after hours, when most of our people had already left the office. So, knowing that we'd certainly intended to capture at Ultra settings but not having access to the footage, my initial assumption was that we'd mistakenly used the wrong footage when cutting the video together.

We were all wrong.

After we spent the entire day investigating what happened, including re-capturing footage on the same system, we've concluded that the reason this wasn't spotted before it was posted was that it looked fine. It even looked fine when viewed on The problem arose when our system syndicated the video to YouTube, which double-compressed it and made the textures appear to be low quality. I'd like to stress that this is in no way intentional, but simply a byproduct of the workflow of producing a huge amount of video content every day.

We will definitely ensure this does not happen again, because you're absolutely right: it defeats the purpose of doing graphics comparisons in the first place, and understates the PC's graphics advantage. As a PC-first guy myself, I know how important that is to people who spend hundreds of dollars to have cutting-edge graphics hardware. And we sure don't want to go to all the effort of producing one of these features (which take a huge amount of time to capture and edit) just to have them look bad at the end. Future graphics comparisons posted to YouTube will be uploaded directly, at high-quality settings.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everybody who brought this to our attention so that we can address it. We want to do right by games and gamers, even though we're just a bunch of humans who make mistakes from time to time.

-Dan Stapleton, Reviews Editor

A me non pare che le differenze tra le due versioni possano ascriversi ad artefatti di compressione...

...cmq contenti loro contenti tutti.

Questa la versione del video su IGN, dove non dovrebbero esserci artefatti: