VICE ha intervistato Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

Aperto da BrunoB, 12 Novembre 2014, 23:08:22

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L'autore di Zero Punctuation è stato intervistato da VICE: nell'articolo si parla ovviamente di Zero Punctuation, ma anche degli altri progetti di Croshaw, e del suo rapporto in generale col gaming.

C'è anche spazio per una domanda sui publisher:

CitazioneHave you encountered any significant criticism of ZP from PRs, publishers, whoever – those on the marketing side of this set-up?

I've never really experienced pressure from publishers, I guess because they don't have many ways to pressure me. I always buy the games myself on launch – The Escapist pays me back – so I'm not reliant on publishers for free review copies. And I also don't give numerical scores, because I think that's fucking nonsense when you're criticising from a subjective artistic standpoint, so I don't affect the Metacritic score. I always tend to get along with developers, since they know their game's flaws better than anyone, but I suspect publishers regard me as this weird outside thing they don't know what to make of.