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Titolo: Into The Gloom in pay-what-you-want su @IndieGameStand
Inserito da: BrunoB il 19 Ottobre 2014, 11:34:56

CitazioneInto the gloom is a first person puzzle solving horror game based on retro style graphics.

It features only the black, white and red colors. Explore 9 levels to find the items to solve the puzzles. You will encounter terrifying events along your path, and must escape from "The Shadow".

The real creepiness of the game is not about the black and white colors, but the atmosphere, the sound effects an other... surprises, also features real puzzles, not like in other games where you just run and get the key for the door.

Be prepared for the horror, and to run for your life, in this pixel style horror adventure with two possible endings!