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Titolo: #VG: Epic Flail, un arena slasher nella Roma antica
Inserito da: BrunoB il 11 Novembre 2014, 18:11:04
Ho deciso che i giochi indie più carucci che becco li metterò negli Extra Credits:

Citazione"Epic Flail" is a fast paced 2d Brawler with a Gladiator theme that mimics the action packed fighting scenes from Japanese Anime. "Epic Flail" has the player , trapped in the Arena, fighting through different modes and defeating other arena legends and even the gods themselves.

The controls feature only one button (other than Arrows/Analog), so everyone can easily sit and play. However, while the fightings mechanics may seem easy to grasp they're actually hard to master, rewarding players who develop quick reflexes. The game features 8 Stages on Arena Mode + 8 Versus Stages where you can fight against friends on classic couch multiplayer matches. Arena mode can also be played with a friend on a cooperative effort.

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