[VG][FP87] Infamous: Second Son

Started by sickk, 16 April 2014, 10:52:17

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L'ospite della puntata, Carlo Burigana, rubato alla quasi concorrenza il cui capo della cricca è Simone Pizzi, ci consiglia questo recente giocone.

QuoteInfamous Second Son is in an open world action game, where the player controls main character Delsin Rowe from a third-person perspective. Delsin Rowe is a Conduit, who can channel superhuman powers to his advantage. His initial superpower is smoke-based, and later obtains other powers by defeating other Conduits. As he expands his powers, the player can execute more advanced moves to inflict more damage on enemies and the environment. By draining blast shards found by destroying tracker drones and DUP command centres the player gets experience to spend on new skills. The upgrade system is in a branching tree format. Parkour is a major element, which allows Delsin to traverse the city across rooftops and scale buildings at will.

Like the previous Infamous games, the game offers a choice between a good or evil playthrough, changing Delsin's combat abilities, looks and certain parts of the storyline.

Per maggiori informazioni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infamous_Second_Son


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