[SPORT][FP91] Sepak Takraw

Started by sickk, 14 May 2014, 12:53:40

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Bruno ha la competizione nel cuore, oltre a Putin ovviamente, e quindi ci consiglia questo sport fatto da gente straniera.

QuoteSepak takraw (Malay :"sepak raga"; Jawi: سيڤق راڬا; Thai: ตะกร้อ, RTGS: takro, pronounced [tā.krɔ̂ː]; Khmer: "សីដក់" "Sei Dak"; Lao: ກະຕໍ້ "ka-taw"; Filipino: "sipa"; Vietnamese: "cầu mây"), or kick volleyball, is a sport native to the Malay Peninsula.[2] Sepaktakraw differs from the similar sport of volleyball in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball. It is a popular sport in Southeast Asia.

In Malaysia, the game is called sepak raga or takraw. It is also kataw (Lao: "twine" and "kick") while in Thailand it is called takraw. In Myanmar it is known as chin lone (Although in Myanmar it is considered more of an art and there is often no opposing team. The point is to keep the ball aloft gracefully and interestingly.). In the Philippines, besides "takraw" it is also known as sipa, meaning "kick".

Similar games include footbag net, footvolley, football tennis, bossaball, jianzi and sipa. These similar games all involve keepie uppies.

Per maggiori informazioni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepak_takraw