[MUSIC][FP91] Lucrecia Dalt - Syzygy

Started by sickk, 14 May 2014, 13:02:01

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Davide non è mai sazio di musica, quindi scava nel cestone del Web e trova questo album.

QuoteUpon introducing her Guest Mix, "en medio," Lucrecia Dalt left a number of clues concerning the role of film in her music. Through describing its placement in the mix and the impact certain classics had on her third album, Syzygy, she explained that "these movies became the external shifter elements, the vectors of disorientation, guides to other moods." As opposed to subjective depictions of scenes or images that the Colombian musician may have found affecting, their association had more to do with subtle characteristics, calculated movements, and the camera's direction, all of which pointed Dalt toward a modified space, a new way of seeing. Her technique allowed for realigning compositional objectives while investigating the environmental adjustments that effected the sound quality — Syzygy was recorded in Dalt's Barcelona apartment, which was so close to the metro line that she was forced to work at 04:30 AM to avoid outside interference. The resulting tracks expose a range of textures and emotions, a consequence of interrupted sleep patterns and an intriguing approach to the films that influenced the musical arrangements.

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