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[FILM][FP92] Locke

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Fabio, lo scrittore, si rilassa guardando un film: questo film.

CitazioneThe day before he must supervise a massive concrete pour in Birmingham, construction foreman Ivan Locke (Hardy) learns that Bethan (Colman), a co-worker with whom he had a one night stand seven months ago, has gone into premature labour. He decides to abandon his family, with whom he planned to watch an important football match, as well as his job, in order to drive to London to be with Bethan during childbirth. The movie consists entirely of scenes of Locke in his car, phoning his boss and a colleague to ensure that the pour is successful, phoning his wife Katrina (Wilson) to confess his infidelity, and phoning Bethan to reassure her during her labour. Locke's decision is revealed to be a reaction to his own father, who abandoned him as a child and who he did not meet until he was in his early twenties. Over the course of the two hour drive to London, he is fired from his job and kicked out of his house by his wife, but his sons insist that he return home soon, he talks his assistant Donal (Scott) through preparing the pour despite several major setbacks, and -- as he finally reaches his destination -- learns of his child's successful birth.

Per maggiori informazioni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locke_%28film%29