[MUSIC][FP92] Plaid - Reachy Prints

Started by sickk, 21 May 2014, 13:04:03

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Davide, mentre crea videogame, ascolta album.

QuoteUpon announcement of the album, Plaid released the track "Hawkmoth", and several weeks later revealed the single, "Tether". "Tether" was accompanied with an interactive website that acted as a sort of music video that could be mutated by mouse and keyboard input from the user. Plaid continued marketing this track by releasing the stems and initializing a remix contest, the winner of which would receive a package of most of their releases on vinyl records as well as a MIDI instrument that would be used in live performances of the album.

Per maggiori informazioni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reachy_Prints