[FILM][FP92] Only Lovers Left Alive

Started by sickk, 21 May 2014, 13:07:44

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Fabio va ogni sera al cinema a vedere film che fanno pensare.

QuoteAfter living for centuries and influencing the careers of countless famous musicians and scientists, vampire Adam has become a reclusive musician. He spends his days recording albums on outdated studio equipment and lamenting the state of the modern world while he sulks in a dilapidated house in a deserted Detroit neighborhood. He has become convinced that humanity is doomed and continually refers to humans as "zombies".

Adam survives on blood-bank donations regularly supplied by Dr. Watson, who is happy to take Adam's money and not ask any questions. Having acquired substantial amounts of scientific knowledge over the years, the vampire has managed to build contraptions to power both his home and vintage sports car with technology originally pioneered by Nikola Tesla. Despite his reclusive nature, he is immensely wealthy and remains a popular musician. His many fans endlessly speculate about his whereabouts and real identity. Adam is horrified when a few of them turn up on his doorstep one night having figured out his address. He ignores them and they go away.

Per maggiori informazioni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Only_Lovers_Left_Alive