[VG][FP92] The Cat Lady

Started by sickk, 21 May 2014, 17:12:40

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Bruno continua la folle corsa nell'ignoto della mente umana con questo gioco.

QuoteThe protagonist is Susan Ashworth, a chronically depressed, middle-aged woman with no friends. Her only companions are stray cats, for whom she regularly plays the piano, and she is known in her neighborhood as the cat lady. One night she decides to end her life, but this leads her to explore a strange place in death where she encounters the Queen of Maggots, who makes her immortal and gives her the task of ridding the world of five psychopaths referred to as the "parasites." Susan then returns to the world of the living to wake up in a hospital bed, and is soon forced to carry out her task. Along the way, she meets Mitzi, a young woman with cancer, hoping to find an internet troll.

The game deals with mature themes such as depression, suicide, and loneliness, but also provides moments of humor and hope.

The ending of the game is slightly modified based on players choices.

Per maggiori informazioni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cat_Lady
Sito del gioco: http://www.thecatlady.co.uk/