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[VG][FP93] Transistor

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Perchè a lui i giochi impegnati piacciono, a Stefano Biggio, intendo. E questo forse ci si avvicina.

CitazioneThe game combines free movement in real time with a planning mode. When Red's action bar is filled, she can enter a planning mode called "Turn()". From there the player can map out a series of movements and actions to take (each consuming a bit of the action bar) and then execute them with super-speed. Afterwards Red must dodge enemies until her Turn() fills again. As seen in the PAX 2013 presentation, Red will be awarded experience points after battles and sometimes be given chances to enhance learned skills (called Functions) that she gains from fallen victims of the Process. Once enhanced, her skills change to have wider damage areas, for example. The PAX 2014 presentation of Transistor reveals that Functions can be swapped out as active abilities or as upgrades to other active Functions. The DualShock 4 Light Bar flashes in sync with the Transistor's speech, and there will also be over 30 trophies for the game's PS4 version.

Per maggiori informazioni: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transistor_%28video_game%29

Bruno ne consiglia vivamente anche la soundtrack. Beccatevela!


Fabio di Felice ne ha parlato anche nella puntata #94. Perchè non si perde nulla.