[MUSIC][FP97] DEISON/MINGLE - Everything Collapse(d)

Aperto da BrunoB, 29 Giugno 2014, 11:03:30

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CitazioneNorth-east Italy, late summer 2013: Cristiano Deison and Andrea Gastaldello (aka Mingle) meet online and begin to lay the foundations for what will be their first project together. Out of this comes Everything Collapse[d], an album centred around melancholy and desolation; a concept that does not leave much hope, forcing you to look within yourself. A foreign body coming from far away: sidereal matter which is about to implode; an object that has reached its limit. And everything collapses, swallowed up by itself.
Recorded and produced between Mingle's Tower Home Studio and Deison's 1st Floor Studio, Everything Collapse[d] is a perfect union of our two sounds: drones, field recordings and processed loops intermingled with disturbed rhythms, melancholy harmonies and piano chimes. A gloomy and dirty electronic sound that turns into an extremely evocative score which is full of pathos. A precise, precious and cosmic album... One Million Parsec From Your Sun.