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Aperto da BrunoB, 15 Agosto 2014, 18:28:43

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CitazioneYou are on an island, cold and bleak and windy. You are alone, yet fires and candles still burn in dwellings that seem to have been recently occupied. What happened to the people that lived here? As you freely explore, piecing together the fragmented memories you find, a tale of guilt, loneliness, uncertainty, and hope begins to take shape. And it becomes increasingly evident that something is hunting you...

The Moon Sliver is an exploration/horror game with an emphasis on atmosphere and story. It features a unique narrative mechanic that blurs the line between story and exploration, where interacting with objects and even just moving around will reveal fragments of narration, a multi-layered storyline that rewards deliberate non-linear exploration as well as multiple playthroughs, and an evocative lonely atmosphere. Explore the island, keep your flashlight charged, wait for night to fall. Discover answers.