Honoring the Code: Conversations with Great Game Designers #LIBRI #FP108

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CitazioneThis book consists of a series of personal interviews with a dozen or so established and highly respected designers--the movers and shakers who have made the game industry what it is today. The interviews have been adapted into a readable and entertaining format, adding the author's own commentary and observations. It brings the designer's personality to the foreground, comparing and contrasting their approaches, development strategies, and life experiences with others in the book. A detailed background for each developer is also included, with a list of games credited, companies worked for, and current projects.

Interviews included:

John Romero
Rebecca Heineman
Tim Cain
Brian Fargo
Chris Avellone
Chris Taylor
Howard Scott Warshaw
Jon Hare
Ralph Baer
David Fox
George "The Fat Man" Sanger
Mark Soderwall
Megan Gaiser & Robert Riedl
Paul Reiche III & Fred Ford