Aphex Twin - Syro #MUSIC #FP109 #FP111

Started by BrunoB, 24 September 2014, 18:26:55

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QuoteSyro (pronounced /saɪroʊ/; stylised as SYRO) is a studio album by the British electronic musician Richard D James, released under the pseudonym Aphex Twin on 19 September 2014 on Warp Records. It is his sixth studio album as Aphex Twin and his first studio album release in 13 years since Drukqs (2001). The album is also his first official release as Aphex Twin since Chosen Lords (2006), a compilation of tracks from the Analord series.

Recorded over a period of several years in various studios—including James' own studio in rural Scotland—Syro features 12 songs and incorporates several subgenres of electronic music including experimental techno, glitch, jungle and ambient. The album also features edited vocal tracks provided by James and his family. Syro's cryptic promotional campaign included an announcement made available only on the Deep Web, as well as several press releases in broken English and events in various international cities. Upon its release, Syro received widespread acclaim from critics.