Deep Under the Sky, il gioco che si paga con una fan-art

Started by BrunoB, 8 October 2014, 07:42:30

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Dagli autori di Incredipede, non ha avuto molto successo, ma l'iniziativa di darlo via gratis in cambio di artwork originali ha avuto un buon seguito, e soprattutto è valsa un articolo su Gamasutra, su Kotaku, su Indie Vault soprattutto, e soprattuttissimo su Free Playing.

QuoteSarah and I have seen a lot of the world and we know that there are a lot of reasons you might not be able to trade us money for Deep Under the Sky. We've felt the pain of unfair banking systems, poor online payment support, international distrust, age descrimination, and just flat being hard-up for cash. So Rich Edwards and I are going to make Deep Under the Sky "Art To Play" that is, we'll trade you the game for some fan-art.


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