DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition rimandato causa server intasati

Started by BrunoB, 8 October 2014, 16:29:25

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DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition doveva essere una versione ridotta di DRIVECLUB data gratis agli abbonati PlayStation Plus, ma oggi il team del gioco ha dichiarato che uscirà più in là, adducendo come motivazione il fatto che i server del gioco sono intasati, e quindi hanno bisogno di tempo per capire come gestire la cosa.

Ovviamente chi ci crede a 'ste cazzate? Online già si fanno ipotesi del tipo che visto che le prime recensioni parlano di un titolo mediocre, sia stato scelto di mettere da parte questa versione "PS Plus" in modo da aiutare le vendite della versione retail (tipo che chi ha la fotta invece di aspettare la versione gratis finirà per comprarsi quella a pagamento).

D'altro canto però, lanciare una versione gratis del gioco era probabilmente un modo per riempire i server del gioco, per evitare che chi sborsasse per la versione retail si ritrovasse con un online vuoto, ma se davvero i server sono già intasati così, allora tanto vale rimandare l'uscita della versione "riempionline".


La dichiarazione ufficiale del team, da Facebook:

QuoteHi Everyone,
With DRIVECLUB, we are dedicated to delivering a dynamic and socially connected racing game that everyone can enjoy, and along the way we're facing new challenges which we haven't encountered as a development team before. We are seeing a lot of activity and new social behaviours right now, but unfortunately this is pushing the servers to their absolute limits.
We are sorry if you are having a hard time getting online as we know many of you are. Please be aware that the game will automatically keep trying to connect you. Once you're online, you should have no further problems during your session.
Everyone at the studio is now working hard to get new updates ready for the game servers to improve connectivity. We will be rolling out these updates day by day and will keep you informed.
In order to help all DRIVECLUB players who have the game already, we're temporarily holding back the PS Plus Edition and the My DRIVECLUB app to ease the load and traffic to the servers. This should give players a better chance of connecting to the game servers and, once the servers are operating well, we'll be sure to let you know when the PS Plus Edition and My DRIVECLUB app will be available to download.
To our PS Plus fans, we're sorry you're having to wait longer to play, but we want to ensure that when you come on board, you get the best experience possible. Rest assured, if you've pre-ordered the full game upgrade from the PS Plus Edition, you will still get the full version of DRIVECLUB digitally, and if you can't get online you'll be able to get started offline like everybody else with single player mode as you start your DRIVECLUB tour. You'll still be able to earn fame, unlock cars and get to grips with all of the options for playing and creating your own events and challenges - and everything you do will be synchronised with the servers when you do get connected, so you can set-up a bunch of challenges to send out to your friends as soon as you are able to join each other online.
We fully appreciate how frustrating this is for everyone. We want you to get online with your club because racing, challenging and having fun together is what the game is all about. We know that racing with your friends online is what you've been waiting for and we are doing everything we can to deliver that experience to you as soon as possible.
Sorry again for the difficult start. We'll keep you regularly updated on our progress as we work round the clock to improve connectivity. We want everyone to know what's happening so please tag your DRIVECLUB friends or SHARE this message to let them know.
- Rushy