Giro di recensioni per Lords of the Fallen

Started by BrunoB, 28 October 2014, 07:22:01

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"Il Dark Souls occidentale" come l'ha definito andmind, personalmente non lo tenevo d'occhio, ma parte non sia male...

QuoteGame Informer - 8.5/10

"Lords of the Fallen is a surprisingly solid title that wasn't even on my radar. While it borrows heavily from the Souls franchise, it's done well and with its own signature flair. I highly recommend this game to anyone that enjoys that series, and if you haven't gone down that road before, it might be a more forgiving entry point into the action RPG."

IGN - 7.4/10

"Lords of the Fallen delivers entertaining hack-and-slash combat centered on combos and spells, but its risk-based reward system seems slightly out of place in a world where its hero so easily achieves great power and defense and makes risk obsolete. It achieves its goal of creating a more accessible Dark Souls-style experience, but unfortunately it goes a step or two too far."

Polygon - 7.5/10

"Lords of the Fallen is a successful twist on an established formula I say almost because, even in the face of near-game-ending bugs, my time with Lords of the Fallen wasn't ruined. It largely succeeds in both imitation and with its strong variations on the formula. Lords of the Fallen is derivative; there's no doubt about that. But it's also a surprising show of skill and hopefully a sign of much brighter things to come. "

MMGN - 7/10

"If you're thinking about giving Lords of the Fallen a try, there's two things you have to ask yourself: do I want to play a Dark Souls inspired game on my current-gen console, and do I want to play a game that's like Dark Souls, but easier? If you answered yes to either, or both, then you'll enjoy what's on offer here. Despite cheap depths and a lack of technical polish for a PS4 and Xbox One game, Lords of the Fallen is an enjoyable romp, and a decent offering by a relatively unknown studio."

Game Trailers - 7.3/10

"In the end, the more straightforward design of Lords of the Fallen puts more focus on combat than building an interesting world. Players may be less likely to get lost, but the game lacks a sense of wonder and isn't helped by its dull narrative and recycled enemies. Still, the solid mechanics are a step in the right direction. Anyone looking for a diversion until Bloodborne may want to give it a try. "

Reader's Gambit - 7/10

"Overall Lords of the Fallen was great fun and challenging enough to keep you entertained. There is a great deal of potential nestled between the frozen screens and the fidgety camera. With a few changes and bug fixes it could have easily been one of the stars of this year. In fact even with it's issues I really do hope to see more from the studios. There is so much they have tried to do different and more importantly done well. I love their take on the reward system and how different the classes can feel and the pace is fantastic. I always found the souls series unforgiving to a point of frustration and at times slow, Lords of the Fallen rectifies this spectacularly. It was just a shame I had to wait until New Game + to fully appreciate the game."

Twinfinite - 3/5

"Lords of the Fallen is a strange beast of a game. There are moments of unequaled bliss and joy throughout the game. It's a shame that these moments are so readily hidden behind towering walls of monotony and infuriating area design. In all of my time with the game I felt there was something missing which Lords of the Fallen was just waiting to give and make the whole experience worth it. Having finished my first play through and being a fair way through my second, I'm still waiting."

IncGamers - 7/10

"Lords of the Fallen isn't going to triumph in a direct match-up with Dark Souls, but seeing the Souls combat system and level design transplanted with this degree of success into a shorter, more accessible game is really no bad thing."

Gamers' Temple - 78/100

"Lords of the Fallen is a decent hack and slash RPG that is worth a look for fans of Dark Souls."

Gamezone - 7/10

"If you're looking for a challenging, new action RPG, that borrows concepts from other successful fantasy studios while producing something new – it's certainly worthwhile to give it a look. Take the training wheels off Harkyn, die a bunch of times to horrific monsters, and embark on a familiar yet new adventure."

*Will be adding more as they come out.



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Esco subito a comprare una geforce! WOW!



CONTRO: I personaggi leggermente deformed alla Darksiders non mi fanno impazzire
PRO: Mi sembra molto più "fisico e pesante" quando tiri mazzate rispetto a un Dark Souls