#WEBAPP Ceilfire, un sito per creare giochi HTML5 in maniera semplice

Started by BrunoB, 27 October 2014, 19:37:47

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Beccato su Reddit, pare tipo un servizio web per creare giochi HTML5 per web e mobile in maniera semplice. Gli autori hanno anche previsto un marketplace dove comprare (e vendere) asset, in modo da agevolare ancora di più la creazione di titoli più o meno amatoriali.

Per ora il tutto è super-preliminare, ma se vi volete cimentare...

QuoteHello, we created Ceilfire.com, a platform for casual web game developers.

The game engine is powered by Phaser.JS. Our goal is to make the development of browser and mobile games as simple as possible. Therefore our platform provides everything someone looking to develop games will need: Ceilfire features a free asset sharing platform that can be used independently of the editor, which we hope (begin of commercial) makes Ceilfire a valuable ressource for the indie gaming community too (end of commercial). This way it is easy to get started without making everything from scratch.

Game behavior is defined by setting rules. For example: Object x collides with Object y, Object y plays an exploding animation and gets destroyed. Please consider that we are still in the alpha stage of development and there is still a lot of stuff to be implemented.
However, it is already possible to make simple games like this Space Defender. On Youtube there is also a making-of the Ceilfire flappybird clone.

The first two parts of our video tutorial series on how to get started developing games with Ceilfire can be found on our Youtube channel as well.

Supported browsers: Current versions of firefox and chrome.

Feedback is very welcome!

PS: I hope this post is not considered to violate the /r/indiegaming rules seeing as we are trying to provide a free service to indie game developers and make everyone's lives easier :)