#VIDEO: Amo, un gioco alla mano

Aperto da BrunoB, 3 Dicembre 2014, 13:22:40

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Fatto durante un weekend da una coppia di amici:

CitazioneNyx, the Goddess of Sleep, guides Amo on his journey to become the hero he admires.

Download the game here:

Spacebar starts the game.
Click on the triangle you want to place.
A and D rotate it.
Spacebar to place the triangle.
R to reset Amo if he gets stuck.

Feedback would be awesome!

This was a week long GameJam project that I and two fellow classmates embarked on. We spent roughly 10 hours a day Sunday to Sunday during Thanksgiving break. We designed, concepted, modeled, rigged, animated, and scripted everything you see in the trailer.

Music is courtesy of Killertracks.