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Started by sickk, 13 March 2014, 11:43:53

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QuoteGravity Rush, known in Japan as Gravity Daze (グラヴィティデイズ/重力的眩暈:上層への帰還において彼女の内宇宙に生じた摂動 Guraviti Deizu / Jūryoku-teki memai: jōsō e no kikan ni oite, kanojo no nai-uchū ni shōjita setsudō?) is an action-adventure video game developed for the PlayStation Vita.[5] Directed by Keiichiro Toyama and written by Naoko Sato (previously known for the Siren series and the first Silent Hill), the core mechanics of the game is the player's ability to manipulate gravity, allowing unique movements and navigation.[6] The graphics are cel-shaded, which in Toyama's opinion stand out from the western photorealistic trend.[7]

The game started off back in 2008 as a PlayStation 3 project called Gravité,[8][9][10][Note 1] before being eventually transferred to PS Vita. AI and visuals were slightly simplified during the process.[7] However, Gravity Rush director thinks overall Vita suits the game better, because of "its handy and accessible nature" and "the impression of a different world existing beyond the screen" the player gets by tilting the device.[7]

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