La colonna sonora di Guardians of the Galaxy sarà disponibile su audiocassetta

Started by Mirk8, 21 October 2014, 10:28:10

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Guardians of the Galaxy, film campione di incassi e di critica, ha avuto un grande successo anche grazie alla colonna sonora. Grazie a Disney adesso potrete ascoltarla anche sul vostro...mangianastri.

QuoteThe limited edition Guardians cassette (released through Marvel Music/Hollywood Records, a division of Disney Music Group) is exclusive to the community of independent retailers associated with Record Store Day, through Dec. 31. Each cassette will come with a digital download version of the album. It will be the first music cassette released by Disney since 2003. Disney has not announced how many copies of the Guardians cassette will be released.

La cassetta conterrà anche un codice per il download digitale, se proprio non ri-trovate il vostro stereo.



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